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Dreamcare Comfort Memory Pillow

₱1,369.00 ₱2,499.00
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Free delivery within Metro Manila Exclusive Comfy Warranty Policy 7-Night, Risk-Free Return Policy

End the nights of twisting and turning. Dreamcare Comfort Memory Pillow allows you to say hello to comfortable sleeps. 

- Made of high-quality, memory foam filling for a more durable and long lasting pillow 

- Adjusts to your head shape, for a more comfortable head position when sleeping

- Soft and breathable cotton cover, perfect for all season use

7-Night Risk-Free Return Policy
Exclusive Comfy Warranty
Free Delivery within Metro Manila
Great Customer Service
Polyester/Cotton Cover
Sustainable, all season use

Memory Foam Filling
Anti-pilling memory allows for assured lasting pillow while memory foam is perfect for any head shape- keeping you comfortable all night
23.6 x 15.7 x 4.7 inches
60 x 40 x 12 cm

1.65 lbs | 0.75 kg
We want to make sure that you get what you pay for! We make sure that we get just the best quality for you. Standard pillows usually last for just 6 months. Our Dreamcare Comfort Memory Pillow can last for 18 to 36 months.

General Care
We recommend hand washing the pillow to prolong its durability and shape.
Use gentle soap or detergent as to not damage the materials.
To keep the dust from accumulating, we recommend vacuum cleaning, ideally, once a week.
Spot cleaning should be done once a month while deep cleaning should be done every two months.

How to Wash
Slowly submerge & squeeze pillow in lukewarm water with gentle detergent. Repeat twice
Drain soapy water and refill with clean water; squeeze & rinse pillow until water runs clear
Gently squeeze your pillow to remove excess water
Leave to air dry under direct sunlight or outdoors or leave under a ceiling fan to dry

Deodorizing your pillow
Take off the pillowcase and lay it on a flat surface
Sprinkle baking soda over the pillow and leave in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours
Vacuum pillow thoroughly with an upholstery attachment

Removing Stains (Blood)
Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain
Blot with a clean cloth until the peroxide has stopped bubbling
Spray with cold water and gently rub until clean with an old toothbrush

Removing Stains (Urine)
Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide, one tsp of white vinegar and two tbsp of baking soda and apply to affected area
Leave overnight and repeat if necessary, especially if an odor persists
Blot clean with cold water

The Dreamcare Comfort Memory Pillow has a 5-year warranty.
Conditions beyond our control that may invalidate the warranty include:
There are signs of improper care such as stains, burns, or compacting due to foam malfunction caused by jumping.
Please note that the manufacturer cannot be responsible for claims associated with normal wear, fading or stains to the cover, issues of firmness, allergies or sensitivity to materials.

We offer free shipping within Metro Manila! Shipping costs outside Metro Manila are fairly priced as well. Our customer service is here to help! Chat with us here.

Return Policy
We are very confident that your blanket is for you! However, should you decide otherwise, we offer 7-Night Risk Free Return Policy! Let us know within 7 days from the date of receipt and we’ll process it right away! More about it here.

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