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For an easier shopping experience, we  free delivery within Metro Manila! For outside Metro Manila, we make sure that our shipping rates are fairly priced. Our customer service team is ready to help in determining shipping prices! Ask us here.
Not fond of our products? We offer 7-Night, Risk-free Return Policy, to make sure you get a restful sleep each night! You may check this for more information.
No more sleepless nights for you! Our products come with a warranty so you get only the best quality for your sleep care products. Warranty per product differs, our customer service team is ready to help! Message us here.

Your best sleep experience is our biggest priority in Dreamcare! If your product has damages or issues upon it being first delivered to you, we're here to help! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open your product and inspect it for any of these damages or issues:

       - Damages with the material or breakage upon first opening and testing the product
       - Received the wrong color, size or item

Damages caused by user error do not apply to the warranty

2. Contact us with your issue at along with photos and videos now we can understand the issue better. We'll then update you on the approval or status of your request as soon as possible!

      - For items damaged upon first inspection after delivery, we can provide you a free replacement along with the return of the defective item!

      - For an incorrect order such as receiving the wrong color, size or item, please contact us and we'd be glad to resolve the issue as soon as we can!

      - For refund requests, please send us the original physical copy of the sales invoice or proof of payment, and ensure your order was not damaged due to user error, still has its original packaging or its equivalent.

Our warranty applies when an issue with the weighted blanket occurs due to manufacturing error or breakage during use or washing. Our product specialists have assured us that the likelihood of this happening is very small!

Kindly contact us at with photos or videos of the issue, and we'll coordinate directly with our product team to uncover the issue! We'll then update you on the status of your request as soon as we can.

For refund requests, please send us the original physical copy of the sales invoice or proof of payment, and ensure your order was not damaged due to user error, still has its original packaging or its equivalent.

Please note that damages due to the misuse of the product or incorrect cleaning methods unfortunately cannot be included in the Warranty.

For machine washing, we recommend going for a gentle full wash. Here's some quick tips to take extra care for your blanket when washing:

i. First, set your washer to a gentle cycle for front load washers, or normal cycle for top load washers.

ii. Use cold water and a mild detergent when washing. Do not wash your weighted blanket with other clothes in the washer.

iii. We recommend NOT using the ff. when machine washing: Bleach, fabric softeners.

iv. Using this simple guide is an easy way to keep your blanket comfy & durable for a long time

Spilled something or want to get rid of a small smudge? Give the spot a good scrub with a washcloth and mild detergent and you're all set!
1. Grab a tub and fill it with cold water and mild detergent. We recommend 1/2 cup of detergent

2. Mix the detergent and water well before placing the blanket inside

3. Then, submerge your DreamCare weighted blanket all the way in the tub

4. Then start the hand washing! With your hands, start scrubbing your blanket and make sure you don't miss those stains!

5. Then drain the tub, and repeat steps #3-4 and make sure all the studs are gone

6. Place your blanket flat and fold it in half, and proceed to roll the blanket to remove the water until most of the water is gone
We recommend Air Drying or outside drying, simply lay it on a flat surface and flip every hour or so. Naturally letting it dry like is what works best!

Machine Dry can also work in a rush, just make sure to keep your dryer at low or medium to not damage the fabric.

Do NOT Iron your weighted blanket, too much focused heat pressure can damage the fabric layers if not careful.

i. Each weighted eye mask comes in 2 parts: the cover and "mask", and the weighted segment or the "weight" of the weighted eye mask.

ii. The cover is actually removable and can be spot cleaned, hand washed, or machine washed in a gentle full wash, just like our weighted blankets!

iii. After cleaning and drying, you can simply place back the weighted segment of the eye mask and you're good to go!